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Jarle Naustvik is a 41 year old freelance photographer living in Oslo, Norway. He started to explore his passion for photography back in 2009, and his interest in the field has continuously developed since. In 2013 he published his first book; Mzungu. Naustvik here explores the daily life around the world, interpreted in monochrome.

His portfolio includes a wide variety of photographs from portraits and scapes to wildlife and historical places around the world. Instant moments that captures a glimpse of the reality and beauty of life. On a daily basis Naustvik works as a Marketing Manager.

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Some of mye work that has been published:
# Cover photograph "The Violent Gestures of Life" by Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho, June 2014
# MZUNGU by Jarle Naustvik  (Blurb Bookstore - Book, Premium Edition 30x30cm)
# MZUNGU by Jarle Naustvik (Blurb Bookstore - Book, Standard Edition 25x20cm)
# MZUNGU by Jarle Naustvik (Blurb Bookstore - eBook, Premium Edition for iPad)
# MZUNGU by Jarle Naustvik (Apple iBookStore - eBook, Premium Edition for iPad)
# Kristin Skogen Lund, President NHO (kampanje.com)
# Gulltaggen 2013 (kreativtforum.no)
# DIST Creative at Gulltaggen 2013 (kampanje.com)
# Portrait of Rune Paulseth at Gulltaggen 2013 (kampanje.com)
# Razika plays at Gulltaggen 2012 (no.wikipedia.org)
# Jimmy Royal at Gulltaggen 2012 (jimmyroyal.no)
# Gulltaggen 2012 (Gulltaggen.no blog)
# Gulltaggen 2012 (NA24.no)
# Gulltaggen 2010/2012 (INMA Event)
Portrait of Mike Walsh at Gulltaggen 2010 (tu.no)
Portrait of Helge Tennø at Gulltaggen 2010 (kampanje.com)
# Portrait of Sir Richard Branson at Gulltaggen 2010 (succeeding.com)
# Portrait of Sir Richard Branson at Gulltaggen 2010 (business-opportunities.biz)
# Portrait of Sir Richard Branson at Gulltaggen 2010 (metrofrance.com)
Landscapes from Norway (adidap.com)
# Oslo City Hall by night (norway-un.org)

My photography equipment:
# Canon EOS 5D MII  and a Canon EOS 7D 
Sony Alpha NEX-5 and a Minolta XG1 35mm SLR
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM.

Soft- and hardware:
I use Lightroom as my workflow tool, and for minor processing. When I want to go further with the processing I use PhotoShop. Happy iMac 27" user!

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